Singing live at the National Opera Studio (May 2021)

It was amazing to be able to sing, at last, in a space that wasn’t me screaming directly into the microwave (the curse of tiny kitchens). This week, I was back in London with the Serena Fenwick Programme, for two days of aria coaching with the wonderful Liz Rowe, and the fabulous Sir Mark Elder.Continue reading “Singing live at the National Opera Studio (May 2021)”

What happened to 2020? My year in review. (March 2021)

So what did happen to 2020? Arguably a lot and also not much in similar amounts. So many huge world events; covid, the murder of George Floyd and subsequent anti-racism protests, and recently (although this is technically 2021, they’ve both sort of merged into one sort of general hell period) the murder of Sarah Everard.Continue reading “What happened to 2020? My year in review. (March 2021)”

Welcome to my website! (Aug 2020)

Thanks for visiting my site! I finally bit the bullet and re-did my old website, reclaiming the elizabethhardmansoprano domain, to help support my career as I struggle into the world of opera. It’s been a wild year with COVID so everything has been turned upside down – so now I have my own website whichContinue reading “Welcome to my website! (Aug 2020)”